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Roman Shield Scutum 42" x 33" Brass Lined

Roman Shield Scutum 42" x 33" Brass Lined

The Scutum was a Roman soldier's best defense against enemy missile fire and close combat. As the shield was so large, legionnaires were able to form the "testudo", or a shield formation in which they would overlap the shields to make a near impenetrable wall against arrows and other missile fire.

Our replica is a superb, full-size replica. This piece features a real brass lined edge, giving it a stunning appearance. This shield is perfect for display or light reenactments.


  • Impressive Full Size Replica
  • Made of Wood
  • Real C-854 Brass Lined Edges
  • Solid Brass Boss
  • Hand Painted for Authenticity

List Price: $335.00
Our Price: $265.00 (You Save: $70.00)


Usually ships in 2-3 business days

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