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Roman Gladius

Roman Gladius

The Roman Gladius was the sword of choice for the legions. Two primary weapons were carried by each soldier: a pilum or pila (plural) and the gladius, a short thrusting sword used in close combat. Part of what made the Roman army such an effective fighting force on the battlefield was the success of the gladius. Its relatively small and light size made it perfect for stabbing in close combat. In combination with the Roman shield, the scutum, the legionnaire was a deadly fighter.

Our replica is superb, with a EN45 high-carbon steel blade and a full tang. It also features a grooved, two tone wooden grip, round pommel and guard. This sword is solidly constructed and is felt in the heavy weight of the sword.


  • Blade Length: 21 1/2" blade. Overall 30".
  • Polished EN45 High Carbon Steel
  • Genuine Carved Wooden Handle, Wrapped Leather Grip
  • Includes wooden scabbard with brass plating.

You must be 18 years of age or older to purchase this item.

List Price: $139.00
Our Price: $97.00 (You Save: $42.00)


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